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Embodied Earth 

Leadership Training 

Welcome to the Embodied Earth Leadership Training.

The Embodied Earth Leadership Training is an online education platform and digital community for people who wish to step up at this pivotal time in history and create the change that the world needs to see. 

The Earth is calling us to return home and in embodying this we can create profound change. We are facing a climate crisis and this is our chance to rewrite the narrative of humankind. This course provides you with the tools to uncover your unique offering and how to use them. Through this training platform we will be exploring different facets of what it means to become a change maker. 


What is it...

Embodied Earth Leadership Training embraces a holistic approach in this course, as a key part of being a powerful change maker is to develop a strong relationship with yourself and the Earth. This training brings together wisdom from social work, community development, campaigning, leadership work, deep ecology, nature connection, The Work That Reconnects, yoga philosophy, chakra and energy work, embodiment and tantric practices, permaculture and event management to bring you this unique offering designed to best support you at this time. 

The Embodied Earth Leadership Training program was made with the intention of supporting people to find their purpose in the world. This course was born from the growing outcry from people who wished to make real change but did not know how or where to start. This course will help you to move forward with purpose and direction so we may shift the narrative of humankind. 

Stone Tower
Camp Fire

Earth-Centred Leadership Framework

The Embodied Earth Leadership Training is run under an Earth-Centred leadership model developed by Karina Donkers. Earth-Centred is a leadership model that gives us a framework to move forwards and create a better future. Earth-Centred leadership is a leadership style developed to guide people back to an Earth-Centred life. This model returns us to what is important in the world and back to a remembering the essence of life. Throughout Karina’s journey she has developed eight elements that support people to show up fully and to create powerful change. Every action is one step towards returning home. Each step is a step towards reclaiming our sacred and innate wild earth selves. Throughout this training you will find that each section will link back to one or more of the principals of the Earth-centred leadership model.


The idea is for us to slowly cultivate these areas of leadership throughout the program so that at the end we feel more equipped to do the important work that needs to be done in the world. We need to awaken what is ancient in us so that we may address this crisis and become more active and engaged members of life. This framework re-orders our priorities and the lens through which we see the world. This model will help guide us back to Earth, grounding us and activating us to be powerful leaders in the world.

What is involved

This training has been broken up into four modules to journey through. Each module is designed to expand your knowledge, experience and connection as you journey deeper into this work.

The seven chapters in each module include the following: 

-Welcome and Earth-Centred Leadership

-Soul Work 

-Project Development 

-The Embodied Leader

-Honouring and Listening 

-Key Skills for Leadership and Change Making 

-The Wisdom of the Chakras 


Water Droplets
Golden Leaves

The chapters

-Welcome and Earth-Centred Leadership

This chapter introduces you to the climate leadership training, the realities of our times and to opens up discussion around Earth-Centred leadership.

-Soul Work 

A chapter dedicated to you delving into the depths of the soul and live a life in alignment with your inner fire and soul. 

-Project Development 

This chapter delves into your offering for the world, what it is and how to do it. Exploring different layers of considerations and insights to birth or strengthen your offering. It supports you to awaken the gifts that are inside of you and bring them forwards.

-The Embodied Leader

We need more leaders who are embodied and can show up in the full human expression, the soft, the strong, the vulnerable, the emotional, the grounded, the wild and so much more. This chapter supports us to honour of all parts of ourselves and learn the language of our emotional, physical and energetic body. By doing this we can become the most powerful leaders possible. This section holds three parts to it including ‘nourishing your soil’, ‘root to rise’ and ‘the merging’. This is the chapter where we develop our grounding and relationship with Earth and utilise a range of embodiment practices. In this chapter and throughout the entire training we draw upon deep ecology and Joanna Macy’s work ‘The Work That Reconnects’to develop our ecological self. 



-Honouring and Listening

This chapter explores the layers of the honouring and listening that we can bring to our change making and our lives. This chapter holds three different sections to it including ‘reconciliation’, ‘deep time’ and ‘animal medicine in change making’. We journey into reconciliation and why it is a key part of climate leadership and earth-centred leadership. We broaden our sense of time to welcome the ancestors and future generations with introducing deep time work. We also look to the animal kingdom to tap into the vast wisdom and medicine waiting there to support us in our projects. 

-Key Skills for Leadership and Change Making 

This chapter acts as a practical toolkit for participants to draw upon at any time. The tools and skills shared in here include things like campaign management, event management, team management, leadership styles, theories of change and change making tools. 

-The Wisdom of the Chakras 

Each module will be influenced by two chakras that will guide some of the learnings. Chakras are the sacred energy centre of the human body and they are a great reference point for human needs, emotions, strengths and challenges. This chapter offers how to utilise some of the key themes of each chakra to benefit personal development, leadership and how to work with others.

Sunrise on Nature

What will this course offer:

This course will provide you with support on:

-How to step up and be a leader in these uncertain times 

-How to discover your souls blueprint and live a life of purpose

-How to develop your offering

-How to be a change maker 

-How to lead from an embodied and grounded space

-How to develop your ecological self 

-How to work with and transmute the challenging emotions arising at this time. 

-How to communicate and connect with nature 

-How to draw upon the ancestors and future generations to guide us forwards at this time

-Tools for campaigning and change making 


What is involved?

This is an eight-week course where you will receive a module every fortnight to work through. This training uses a mixture of learning mediums from information, activities, meditations, visualisations, practices, movement and breath work, journal work and self-reflection, embodiment work, ritual, worksheets and webinars. 

Your investment in yourself and the world includes the following:

-Four modules of guided activities, meditations and exercises that will teach you support you to fully show up at this time 
-Fortnightly webinar and online group call and discussion with Karina Donkers and other participants
-Meditations, visualisations and journaling exercises to connect further with the learnings for that module
-Fortnightly tips on how to reduce your impact
-Support and encouragement from an amazing online private Facebook group, where you can connect with likeminded people, ask and answer questions, share your story and inspire one another.



This is an eight-week course with a live zoom webinar every fortnight for 1.5-2hrs to create a space for live practices and information sharing. These webinars are also used as a space for you to get personal guidance, opportunity for Q & A and to build community.

-Thursday 3rd September 7pm-9pm AEDT

-Thursday 17th September 7pm-9pm AEDT

-Thursday1st October 7pm-9pm AEDT

-Thursday15th October 7pm-9pm AEDT

Please Note: If you are unable to attend these live webinars you will receive a recording and have the opportunity to send through questions you may have before the session for Karina to answer during the session and for you to watch the recording. 

Your Facilitator

Who is facilitating the Climate Training?

I am a qualified Social Worker who has been doing climate activism for over 15 years. I have worked internationally and locally on campaigns and environmental change. I am a Qualified Yoga Teacher 200hrs, Reiki Master, Permaculture Designer, and Founder of Eco Voices. Eco Voices is a conservation project that highlights the impact of climate change and habitat destruction on animals. I am fiercely passionate about supporting people to come home to themselves and the world. I believe that everyone has a unique role to play in the healing of the planet and wants to help people discover what already lives within them. Originally trained in Social Work specialising in community development, mental health, women's rights, climate change and environmental change, I have now broadened my focus to include deep nature connection and deep ecology. I have had the privilege to be trained by Joanna Macy, one of the grandmothers of deep ecology, in California with ‘The Work That Reconnects’, Tom Brown Jnr in Philosophy of the Soul in his Australian Tour and Jon Young in Tracking and Storytelling. 

I am a fiercely passionate wild woman whose home is the ocean, and have dedicated myself towards the healing of the earth and those it nurtures. I am simply a human being trying to be the best version of myself and be fully awake to what is happening to our world. 


Earth & Soul Investment

Your soul investment in working towards a climate safe future:

We work on a sliding scale to ensure that everyone who needs to can access this training. Please pay at the level you can manage so that we can continue to offer scholarships and concession and entry support rates.

$50 AUD per module= $200 AUD- Concession Rate

$90 AUD per module= $360 AUD- Early Bird Price (20th July 2020) 

$120 AUD per module= $480 AUD Full Price 

$150 AUD per module= $600 AUD Support a scholarship and program development

Please note there are scholarships available for this program, if you are feeling called to do this work but are not able to financially access the program please contact Karina karinacdonkers@gmail.com as we do not want finances to be a barrier. 

Payment plans are also available, please contact Karina on karinacdonkers@gmail.com 


Who is this for?

Who is this training for anyone who identifies with any of the following- 

-Want to live a purposeful and connected life
-Wishes to see more climate action and be their own unique version of a change maker
-Who wants to create a future that sustains life
-Who wants support in birthing their offering into the world 
-Are sick of feeling powerless and disconnected 
-Wants to create a stronger relationship with the Earth 
-Frustrated by the inaction we are witnessing globally in response to climate change 
-Wants to connect into a powerful and inspiring community 
-Who wants to connect into animal medicine and its wisdom
 -Wants to uncover the wild selves and bring forth their unique gifts 
. -Wants to become more embodied in their day to day lives and more connected to the natural world


Please note you do not have to identify as a LEADER to do this training, this training is for everyone and there are so many varied ways of doing leadership as we explore in the training. 


By purchasing a ticket to the Embodied Earth Leadership training you have read and are agreeing to the Terms & Condition.



“I am so grateful for the knowledge, insight and inspiration I have received through the Climate Leadership Training. I am at a stage in my life where I yearning to birth something into the world for the first time, and the support that I have received through the program has been a really grounding element to my project development. I have been feeling a lot of resistance towards stepping into my power and I have found that having a community of like-minded people has made me feel really well supported and held, with whatever emotions arise. The content that Karina has put together holds a very holistic approach to leadership and being, especially relevant to all the major shifts that are happening currently. I highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking to delve deeper into themselves, as well as delve deeper into the natural world, and anyone who is yearning to be a contribution to the shifts occurring on a planetary level. These past couple of weeks have been a journey into creation and I am so excited to be moving forward, when much of the world is put on hold. In fact, now is probably the perfect time (now that we have so much of it) to be investing ourselves towards our projects and contributions."

~Caitlin Weatherstone, Ecologist and Founder Wildsearch~


“I participated in Karina's Climate Leadership Training and got a lot out of it! I am in the process of growing my nature-based business and also writing a book, and the exercises and reflections throughout the training have really helped with my project vision, development & implementation. I now feel a sense of personal power, motivation and inspiration from the course, and so keen to get stuck into my environmental projects! It was nice to join online as a group regularly with participants from all over Australia. As a facilitator, Karina is very open, loving and wise and I would highly recommend her course."

~Victoria Ferraiuolo

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