Coming home to yourself and the world

Earth at night was holding in human hand



Become an embodied leader in a changing world. Discover how you can make change from a grounded and soulful way to help re-write our story as humankind. In changing times we must become more than many of the leaders we have witnessed in our current society. The Earth needs embodied, connected and aware leaders.



Grounding-  We are one with nature, not seperate from it.

We need to rediscover our inherit belonging to the Earth and embrace it as a part of us  

Powerful - Each of us possess within ourselves powerful gifts. Discover how to unleash your unique

offering to share in the healing of the Earth

Activating - Through uncovering our full potential we can bound together for collective action

At this critical juncture in history we need, together, to change our narrative to create a future that is life sustaining for all!


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November 6th-8th 2020

Wild Cycles: Women, Dance & Nature Retreat. Join us on this weekend of reconnection to self and nature.



Next Course-

Sept 2020

An embodied approach to climate leadership. Online course supporting people to find their part in the healing of the world. Join the movement!


Red Alert Join Now

Join the Stop Adani Camp in Queensland to stop the megamine that will threaten the reef, culture, water and climate

Work With Me



I help facilitate groups of people to come home to themselves and the world. 

I embrace the opportunity to work with and walk alongside people from all backgrounds.  

I relish the opportunity to educate and guide groups and classes in the transition to a more sustainable future.


Complex issues such as climate change require a collective response.  I encourage partnerships and colloborations that will work towards developing a Life Sustaining Society. If you are working towards this in your business - lets chat! I have a particular passion for working with artists and creatives of all kinds to create change. I believe creatives have a key role in helping our society redefine itself and to break through the norm to ignite a powerful revolution.


My offerings are dedicated to the healing of the individual, the collective and the Earth.

Acknowledgement of Country 

I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land I offer this work from, the Wadawurrung people and pay my respects to any elders past, present and future. I honour their profound wisdom and their care and respect of the lands for thousands of years. 


Please feel free to contact me by email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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