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Karina Donkers
Change Maker, 33

 After graduating from university in 2011 with a Bachelor of Social Work specialising in community development, mental health, womens rights and environmental change Karina has broadened her focus to include deep nature connection and deep ecology. Karina has a wealth of diverse experience. She offers educations packages in environmental leadership and sustainability for schools, workshops and online courses in climate work, programs for women, public speaking offerings, summit and event coordination, therapeutic groups, event management, consultation and contract work, a range of workshops, coaching, and healing.

In 2016 Karina furthered her knowledge of the interconnectedness of the ecosystem by completing certificate in permaculture design.

In 2017 Karina had the privilege to train alongside Joanna Macy, one of the grandmothers of deep ecology, in California in ‘The Work That Reconnects’.  

In 2018 Karina founded Eco Voices, a conservation project that highlights the impact of climate change and habitat destruction on animals.

Karina has continued her deep ecology learnings by training with Tom Brown Jnr in "The Philosophies of the Soul" and Jon Young in "Music Nature and Storytelling"

As a 200hr yoga teacher Karina Donkers incorporates meditation, movement and chakra work within her courses

Karina is a practising Reiki Master and wholistic relaxation massage, who combines these modalities to create intuitive healing sessions.

"I hold the core belief that everyone has a purpose and gift to share in the healing of Earth just waiting to be uncovered. At this point in time, with the reality of the climate emergency, we need to awaken our wild and whole selves so we can show up fully in the world. I help support people to find their purpose in this time in history." 

Who am I?

 I am simply a human being trying to be the best version of myself and be fully awake to what is happening to our world. 

I am a fiercely passionate wild woman who's home is the ocean, and have dedicated myself towards the healing of the earth and those it nurtures.

Listen to my shares on the following podcasts:

-The Progression Woman Podcast interviewed by Clare Bedford here

- On Conscious Conversations Podcast with Luke McLean here

Let's make magic together

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