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Public Speaker. Events Management. Community Development. Campaigner. Consultant.

Project Management. Strategic Development. Climate Adaption. Community Engagement

An experienced green social worker who holds a diversity of skills in various areas, I focus my work and life around addressing climate change and developing a life sustaining future for all. I am passionate about supporting communities to create innovative regenerative solutions to our current complex environment. I am available to work with various businesses and organisations 


Supporting businesses, organisations & projects

Earth at night was holding in human hand

I contract out to various organisations, currently working for Geelong Sustainability having run or worked on three of their major projects and programs over the last year alone, including:

  • Small Business Energy Saver Program 

  • Community Battery 

  • Sustainable House Day

I am now working with them on: 

  • All Electric Homes Program 

  • Green Drinks Coordination 

I also contract out to other organisatins such as Geelong Performing Arts Centre and various environment organisations/businesses

Contract work

Karina is available for a range of requests for public speaking opportunities and has experience with speaking at conferences, summits and on panel discussions.  


Through working for the past 10 years as a community development, social worker and youth worker has provided Karina with a range of experience with public speaking and facilitating.  

I also offer a range of education packages for schools around leadership, team work, sustainability, and ways of creating our collective future. I have spoken at panels and events around sustainability and my work with eco voices and am available for speaking engagements


**With enough timeframe I can tailor my presentation packages to meet organisations or schools needs. 



“Karina Donkers is a generous and passionate speaker who connects easily with young people, bringing a wealth of knowledge and skill. I have worked with Karina as a speaker and facilitator and would happily work with her again and again."

Kelly Clifford / Geelong Performing Arts Centre/ Education Officer

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