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Earth Meditation Series

4 week meditation series. 

Connect. Relax. Ground. 

A Journey to Connect with the Earth


Meditate with me


Meditation is one of the gateways to the sacred and back to deep connection with the Earth

Come into union with yourself and the Earth.

Bringing the Earth to life in your body and mind

The Earth Meditation Journey:


10 beautiful meditations over the month to explore our relationship with the Earth.


What you will receive:

Weekly emails over a month 

Two meditations a week 

Plus two bonus meditations

Connection in to the Earth Activist Facebook page


Book now!

The Earth Meditation Series

Connect. Relax. Ground

The Earth Meditation journey is for you if: 

  • Need some grounding in your life

  • Seeking more relaxation and connection

  • Want to strengthen your relationship with yourself and the Earth

  • Feel called to develop roots deep within the Earth

  • Connect deeper with your wild self

  • You want to live with more presence and mindfulness

  • You want to connect into the divine magic of nature all around us

  • You want to feel more at peace within your body

Coming Soon

Join this container to bring in 2021 with magic and grounding

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