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App to support you in uncertain times

I am in the process of developing an app, the idea of this app is to support people in these uncertain times. I want to create an easy to access resource for people to navigate the climate emergency and to become active and empowered to work towards the future we wish to live in. 

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and disempowered when faced with the complexity of the climate emergency, this app is here to be a small part of moving these feelings to empowered action. 


Access the 'Active Hope' course and a monthly practice for only $9 a month.

Active Hope, navigating uncertain times

Active Hope is a practice that can help support you in navigating the climate emergency I have developed a short course with a mixture of active hope practices and other practices, meditations, embodiments and thought provoking shares to help support you to find your centre and path in navigating these uncertain times. 

Monthly practices to support you in these times. 

Feeling that you want to be apart of the movement for change and live a more connected, sustainable, fulfilling and active life? These monthly shares are there to support people to embody change and connect deep into the Earth to become empowered to shape their future to a vibrant sustainable world.

Become that inspired change for yourself and the world.

Coming home to yourself and the Earth


Email me to get on the list to hear first about the launch of this app

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