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Supporting students to find purpose and feel empowered to step into leadership 

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Leadership in Uncertain Times

Exploring how to be a leader in day to day life as we navigate these changing times.

An empowerment model for supporting young people to find inspiration and grounding.

What is involved?

In this education package we briefly touch on the various challenges facing young people these days, including Covoid19, climate change and a changing future. After touching on those challenges we use empowering frameworks to understand and negotiate these uncertain times. This package explore what it means to be a leader at this time and how to step up at this time. Young people have grown up in a time like no other, with layers of uncertainty and challenges seen by no other generation. It is our duty to support and provide young people with the tools, mainframe and empowerment to live their fullest and most grounded lives at this time.

Leadership in Uncertain Times is a presentation using storytelling, science, behavioural change, positive mindset, earth work and leadership learnings to support young people to step into the best leaders they can be at this time.

 Hear from Karina about her unique journey to find her own place in leadership in the environment sector and what she learnt along the way. A presentation that shapes leadership as everyones business and a moment by moment decision.

Karina integrates stories from inspiring people who are using creative ways of creating change in the world, which she collected through out her journey around Australia with the environmental project Eco Voices. 

Leadership in Uncertain Times schools tour is designed to be of service to young people and to the world. 

The presentation details: 

-The session goes for 1hr 30mins, tailored time can be requested

-Cost $2,500*

-Two tailored presentations at the same school on the same day or on consecutive days for $4,000

-For more details or queries contact

*School in challenging circumstances can apply for discounts

“Karina Donkers is a generous and passionate speaker who connects easily with young people, bringing a wealth of knowledge and skill. I have worked with Karina as a speaker and facilitator and would happily work with her again and again"


~Kelly Clifford GPAC~

Education Packages 

me facilitating workshop young


Introduction to team work exploring the core principals of team work and belonging through an ecological lens. 

Recommended- High school students. Great for yr 12s Term 1 to help setting up yr 12 students to journey forth from school using empowerment models and bringing their sense of belonging to the earth. Helping them explore the unique part they can play in the story of life.

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Learning about key topics in sustainability through some healthy competition. Making sustainability fun and engaging while strengthening their team work abilities as they work in teams to complete various educational activities.  Topics include climate change 101, plastic, nature intelligence etc…

Recommended- High school students. Group size of up to 35 young people

tom n i djembe.jpg


This workshop uses music and expression to explore key themes of sustainability with the students. These sessions are facilitated by Tom Robb and Karina Donkers who help young people find their unique voice to develop a song based on key topics the young people wish to share. Explore Tom Robbs offerings through Life's The Way here

Recommended- High School Students or Year 5 or year 6s. Group size of 10-30 students. 

thearte tom n i .jpg


Creating a space for young people to come up with solutions to implement in their local every day environment. World Cafe workshop with your students on how to make your school or community a more sustainable space. 

Recommended- High School Students 

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Karina is available for a range of requests for public speaking opportunities and has experience with speaking at conferences, summits and on panel discussions.  


Through working for the past 10 years as a community development, social worker and youth worker has provided Karina with a range of experience with public speaking and facilitating.  


**With enough timeframe I can tailor my education packages to meet organisations or schools needs. 

I offer a range of education packages for schools around leadership, team work, sustainability, and ways of creating our collective future. I have spoken at panels and events around sustainability and my work with eco voices and am available for speaking engagements

Book me now by emailing


“Karina Donkers is a generous and passionate speaker who connects easily with young people, bringing a wealth of knowledge and skill. I have worked with Karina as a speaker and facilitator and would happily work with her again and again."

Kelly Clifford / Geelong Performing Arts Centre/ Education Officer

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