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Sacred Activism

Sacred activism, to me, is a fusion of social action, activism, social justice and spirituality. It is the acknowledgement of our sacred responsibility to act on behalf of life. It brings together spirit, soul and purpose to play a role in social change. Its an embodiment of the sacred to become active in the collective healing.  Sacred Activism is the recognition of the interconnectedness and grounding of our life experience and bringing this essence into our society through purposeful action. This is the framework on which I choose to build my life and the offering I share with you all.

Frontline Action on Coal

cover photo adani.png

Adani has officially started land clearing, destroying native habitat to make way for the disastrous megamine. This is a direct threat to the Great Barrier Reef and The Great Artesian Basin freshwater supply and threatens the health of our oceans, the climate and so much more. This opening of a brand new melamine at a time when fossil fuels need to be phased out is nothing more than a greedy exploitation of our resources. This is a callout for everyone who cares about our future to make their way to the frontlines in Central Queensland. We can #stopadani but we need YOUR SUPPORT. I will be there standing on the frontline alongside beautiful eco warriors as the last line of defence against the Adani Coal mine going ahead. Why am I here? I am here to fight for the future, our future. The future of all species, for humans and for life itself. I have been part of the climate movement for well over a decade and it has come to crisis point of action and this is why I spent timeat the frontline.

Visit or contact to find out how you can help #blockadeadani on site or from home

I Will #Blockadeadani


Protect the Sacred Trees 

Djab Wurrung.jpg
making sign djab wurrung .jpg

Sacred birthing trees on Djap Wurrung country need protecting. Over 50 generations have been born on these sites & the birthing trees themselves are 800 years old. Djab Wurrung embassy are protecting them from Vic Labor Party’s planned highway extension that is set to destroy this dreaming landscape.


Find out how to support here.


Art for change:

Save the Reef Body Art Project 


I believe art can communicate things that words cannot. Save the Reef Body Art Project is the beginning of my project using art to highlight the challenges facing different species during this time. It aims to raise awareness about what is happening and call people to action all whilst celebrating the beauty of the natural world and a reminder that we are earth. I will be slowly releasing a series of body paints of endangered animals and ecosystems, I can also do live body painting at eco centred events. If you are interested contact me

Fight for the Bight 

circle fight for the bight.jpg
fight for the bight floating.jpg

The Great Australian Bight is one of the most pristine marine ecosystems on the Earth. Scientist estimate that 85% of the species that call it home are not found any where else in the world.  Oil exploration in this location is unacceptable! Fight for The Bight is a community swell of people demanding the government steps up and ensures this space is untouched by big oil giants such as Equinor. In Torquay, my home, we organised one of the biggest paddle outs around Australia with more events to come. Join the fight here 

The Shark Net Film

humpback baby caught in nets.jpg
turtle caught in the shark nets.jpg

The Shark Net Film was developed by Holly who I had the honour of connecting with through my Eco Voices project. Holly has been working tirelessly on educating and raising awareness about the Shark Control Program. Along the Queensland coast there are 11, 200m shark nets lining the Gold Coast right now, that are doing more damage than good. Majority of beach users in Queensland, Australia are unaware of the lethal shark methods in place. Their mission is to use science and education to raise awareness and promote non-lethal, more effective alternatives for humans to coexist with sharks. 

Watch the short film here- The Shark Net Film

Local Campaigns coming soon

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