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Wild Earth

A immersion to come home to yourself and the Earth 


19th-21st April, 2024

A weekend deep dive into a ancient remembering to support you uncover what is waiting for you in the depths of the Wild Earth. 

Let's make magic together! 

Ahhh I am so excited you are here! Wild Earth Retreat has been bubbling out of me over the last few years and it is finally time to offer it to my community!

Join us on a soul-stirring adventure at the ‘Wild Earth’ retreat, designed for people who want to expand their sense of self and remember their wild, untamed spirits. This weekend is an opportunity to dive deep into transformative practices that will not only help you understand yourself but also recognize your essential place within the intricate web of life.

The Earth has been calling us home, to remember ourselves and to remember our wild selves. This retreat moves us through reconnecting to ourselves, others and the Earth. This retreat will drop us into powerful practices which will support you to feel more deeply connected to the life force within you and round you.

Yes this retreat is for you! 

What to expect?


A lot has happened over the last few years, big shifts and changes on individual and collective levels. I do not know about you but I have personally been deep diving into the lessons of life and navigating the wild landscape of self, soul and Earth. I have been exploring what it means to be alive at these incredibly important times and how to show up for myself and the larger whole in this one wild life. Perhaps you resonate with this some of this same energy and have been craving a space to deepen, to be witnessed, to integrate and expand. This is why I am offering this space, I believe it is part of the medicine we need at this time. 

Through this immersion we will get to know self more, expanding and remember what it is to be a human as part of this larger web of life and how this brings us into deeper connection with one another and the Earth. 

-Expansion: Through guided meditations, learnings, embodiment practices, and nature connection practices, this space is designed to support you to journey into deeper layers of self. Unearth your hidden potential, heal, and reconnect with your true essence.

- Connection: Forge meaningful connections with like-minded people who share your desire for personal growth and ecological self. This retreat is an environment of support and community, where you'll find understanding, compassion, and lifelong friendships.

-Remembering: We are innately wild beings, a big part of this immersion is to support you to remember and reclaim the parts of yourself that may have been forgotten. This space supports you to know yourself, one another and the Earth in a more intimate level.

- Fire Side or Circle Chats: Gather around the fire or in circle for deep conversations, where we share stories, be witnessed and connect with the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and the land. 

- Movement and Dance: Reconnect with your body, your soul and the Earth through movement and dance. Dance is medicine, come and express your inner wildness, release stagnant energy, and experience moving with your wild heart's rhythm.

The Earth holds for us so many of the answers many of us have been seeking. Many of us feel that tug from within and have been searching outside of ourselves instead of deeply diving into ourselves and the Earth to find our home. This journey supports people to come home to themselves and the world. This is your chance to connect into the reason you are here, on this Earth at this time.

Connecting with the Earth and embracing our ecological selves is of paramount importance for the well-being of both individuals and the planet as a whole.

This time in history is pivotal and we are needing powerful committed individuals to come together to create change on a micro and macro level. Integrating purpose and Earth work into your life is one of the first steps.

This immersion is for you if:


  • You want to feel more embodied in your day to day life

  • You want to feel more grounded in yourself

  • You want to work closer with the Earth

  • You want to awaken to your ecological self 

  • You want to work deeper with your wild self

  • You want to connect in with others

  • You want to uncover the intelligence within you and around you

  • You want to live a life with aligned purpose 

  • You want to connect into wisdom within you and the Earth 

  • You want to create an meaningful future for yourself and the collective 

  • You want to sink deeper into yourself and your own unique expression

Your facilitator


I am a eco-social worker who has also trained in various modalities including a degree in social work, various deep ecology trainings, yoga, reiki, meditation, massage, nature connection and other embodiment work. One of my passions on this Earth is to support the world and humans in the wild transitioning times we are facing, to come home to their fullest selves and bring that the collective change we need. 

I have slowly woven my extensive experience to bring a unique offering to the world to support people in these times and honestly I am learning always, how to show up more authentically, more wildly and more in service. I would be so honoured to work with you and learn alongside you. 

What is included: 

-Two nights in shared accommodation, unless you book private room 

-Six beautiful nourishing meals

-Intimate group of people, this retreat aim is to be a small intimate group so we can do deep 

-Daily movement, meditation and embodiment practices

-Deep ecology practices & learnings

-Ritual spaces

-Cacao Ceremony 


-Amazing wild bush location 

-Bees wax candle making with intention setting 

Your souls investment 

I am not going to sell this to you or play any of the psychology marketing woo woo on you, for me they do not feel aligned. I trust you will know if this retreat is for you or not, trust that and respond to that call or feeling. 

This is my first Victoria based retreat and at the moment is the only one I have planned for 2024, so this is an opportunity to do the work your body and heart have been craving and I would love to hold space for you to learn the wisdom within you. 

Early Bird~ Before 30th Feb 

~Early Bird Soul investment shared room: $680.

~Early Bird Soul Investment private room: $880.

Full Price~ After 30th Feb 

~Soul investment shared room: $780

~Soul investment private room: $980


This immersion is held on Wadawurrung land and I deeply honoured to be able to do this work on these lands, I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of these lands and pay my respect to Elders past present and emerging. I also acknowledge that this is stolen land and that sovereignty was never ceded. Reconciliation is something I try to work towards in my life and through my business, I am still trying to decolonise my own self to better show up in solidarity for First Nations People. Although it does not touch on the surface of what needs to be done towards reconciliation I would like to offer First Nations People a discount to attend this retreat. 

~First Nations People: $380

~Payment plans available. If funds are a barrier please contact me and we will explore other options,

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