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Eco Women Warrior Program

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Eco Women Warrior Program

We tread lightly 

We love fiercely 

We advocate strongly 

We heal collectively

We choose life

Coming home to ourselves, each other and the world. Mother Earth is calling us home, to remember who we are, to reconnect with our innate wildness and rediscover our interconnectedness with all life. The world needs more people stepping into their full selves to work towards future of a life sustaining society. 

This program is for women who want to connect with their divine feminine and rediscover their deep ancient connection to the natural world. Join together in rediscovering your unique role you can play in the healing of the world. Establish strong sense of sisterhood and reconnect with the power of the earth women. These workshops will include work from ‘The Work That Reconnects’, deep ecology practices, meditation, yoga, nature connection, dance, ceremony and rituals. 

Eco Women Warrior program explores and involves the following:

  • What’s happening in the world today and our part we play

  • How do we show up in the world for ourselves, for others and for the Earth

  • Reconnecting to our bodies and to our larger body of Mother Earth 

  • What our unique gift we can bring to this time of crisis in the world today

  • What is an ecological self and how can we reconnect to it

  • The five elements- earth, fire, water, air & space 

  • Sisterhood and the healing of the feminine

  • The power and intelligence in the cycles- exploring seasons, moon cycle and women’s cycles. How to reconnect to your intuition and the wisdom of the womb

  • Express and honour emotions such as grief, sadness and anger that are often suppressed in our society, composting them so we can become more fully present and alive in where we are in the world today. 

  • Explores the wild woman and the warrior goddess that lives in all of us

  • Our own stories and narratives and the larger story of life

  • The importance of ritual and ceremony to remind us of our deep interconnectedness to all living things.

  • Sacred prayer 

  • How to be in conversation with the more than human world 

  • Learn about deep time, the gifts of the ancestors and the voices of the future generations 



Who is this for?

  • For anyone who identifies as woman who are older than 18. 

  • No prior experience of being involved in environment or womens work required 

  • Women who wish to step into their full selves and show up for the healing of the world

Program offerings 

Full Course- 6 week program 

Full six week program, journey a group of sisters for six weeks to become Eco Women Warriors together.

Re-establishing relationship with ourselves, each other and the world and learning tools and skills to become change makers in our daily life and impacts our communities. Each week we will build and deepen our lessons, exploring a range of powerful topics.  

Part one 

Part one of the eco women warrior course is the first section of the course condensed into three weeks working as an introduction into the course. This was developed in response to people wanting to complete the course however not having the time to commit to a 6 week venture. This part one offering starts to explore key themes of connecting to self and Earth and uncovering our unique expression in this story of life

Part Two 

Section second of the eco women warrior program delves further into the work, expanding on the knowledge and foundations provided in part one. This part two explores earth wisdom, deep time, and sacred activism. It provides women with the space to deepen their connection to the feminine, to the womb and to harnessing their creative energy and flow. To participate in part two you will need to have completed part one of the eco women warrior course or have had experience in deep ecology etc. 

Join me for a powerful and active 2019- a year of transformation and change! 

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The workshop helped me by feeling more confident about who I am, discover new and exciting ways to engage with nature and the people around me and open my mind and soul to new life changing experiences. I would recommend the Eco Women Warriors workshop to people who want to gain a greater understanding of themselves and the world we live in

Cat/Eco Women Warrior Participant

I had the pleasure of participating in an Eco Women Warrior course facilitated by Karina Donkers. Karina is a warm, knowledgeable and passionate woman who facilitated a purposeful, fun and engaging course.  Her course expanded my knowledge and awareness of the way we impact the environment and changes we need to make. I just loved the connection we make with the women in the group. Karina's interesting and fun activities empowered us to learn and take risks. She opened our heart and minds to life and how our actions today impact our future generations. I sincerely thank Karina for her generosity in transforming my life in a positive way. 


Rosa Genitori / Teacher 

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