Wild Woman

The fierce embodiment of the forgotten. 

~3 Month Sacred Container~

Wild women this is for you! 

She wants to be expressed 

To be moved to be felt 

She has been ripped from the pages of history

But she will no longer be forgotten 


She is the deep healing 

The Earth has been starved of 

She is required for these times

The Earth is demanding her return

You can feel her, her energy 

Within you and around you 


The wild emergence

The deep groan coming up from the earths crust

Rippling its way out 

Licking at the edges of those who have forgotten her, saying 



I am the Earth

The roots

The soil 

Let me be your grounding


I am the freedom 

The dancing

The screaming delight

Let me be your movement


I am the ecstacy 

The sexuality 

The sensuality 

Let me be your pleasure 


I am the animal

The wolf 

The eagle 

Let me be your instinct 


I am the raw 

The unkept 

The natural

Let me be your self acceptance


I am the ocean 

The crashing waves 

The still waters 

Let me be your feeling 


I am the love 

The unapologetic

The untamed

Let me be your wild heart 


I am the voice 

The whispers 

The screams

Let me be your expression 


I am the medicine 

The herbs 

The healing

Let me be your healer 


I am the connection 

The shared experience 

The web 

Let me be your remembering 


I am the wild woman 

The Earth 

Your home 


And you hear her louder again 

Now in every cell of your body as she demands: 



 Welcome Wild Woman- you are home! 


IAs women I believe one of the most powerful thing we can do is reawaken our wild selves and stand strong and unapologetic in our brilliance.

This is a space dedicated to the REMEMBERING of the WILD 

What Is the Wild Woman: The Fierce Embodiment of The Forgotten?

~Three month deep dive into the parts of the wild that have been pushes away and forgotten. 

~This container is deeply sacred, with a focus on sharing ritual and transformation

~You will journey with an intimate group of women 


~Each month focuses on a different sacred centre

~Earth, Womb and Heart will have different practices to awaken the wild and power in these three centres


~It is a space to witness one another to another level

We hold profound WISDOM and POWER that we have become muted and silenced to. This program will support you to learn the DIALECT of your own UNIQUE WILD!

This REMEMBERING of this ANCIENT inner LANGUAGE will guide your life, purpose and service.

The Earth is demanding the return of the WILD so we may share this medicine with the world.

What you can expect?







~Embodiment Practices 

~Radical Authentic Sharing

~Song and Vocal Activation

~Deep Nature Connection



If you want a load of facts and information this is NOT the course for you!


This course is to be FELT, this is how the WILD WOMAN comes back into being.

She is experienced. She is expressed! She is embodied! 

Who is this for? 

This course is open for a SMALL GROUP OF WOMEN who want to go deeper within themselvesand the Earth. I could NOT be more excited!


This is NOT an entry level course, please see some of my other offerings if this is where you are at on your journey. 


This is for the big feelers and thinkers who wish to bring MORE WILD into their life, bodied and/or business. 


You will know whether you are ready for this level.

She will CALL you from DEEP WITHIN. Do you hear HER?

This is a powerful space for women are small businesses owners, coaches, healers, space holders, or just generally been doing their work on themselves who wish to integrate more medicine of their wild and Earth into their 

Woman I see you- all parts of you!


And the wildest version of yourself is so welcome here! 


Earth. Womb. Heart







Wild Woman: Earth, Womb, Heart course is a three month deep dive into the wisdom, intuition and power that is waiting for you in these three centres. 


Ground into the Earth, create deep roots within the Earth and uncover your ancient belonging to the collective . Connect into your ecological self and listen to the wisdom alive all around you.


Discover your wild womban and connect in the power of your intuition. Know and embody your worth and boundaries. Tap into the power of your sensuality and sexuality and awakwen your creativity to bring forth what you are here to birth into the world.


The depths of our heart are profound, feel into the layers of pure magic and love you are capable of. Lead and live from a place of love and joy in the present moment. Explore your emotional landscape and expand your capacity to sit and move with the complexities of the times.

The WILD WOMAN:EARTH, WOMB, HEART journey is for you if: 


  • You want to come home to yourself and the world 

  • You want to connect in with your inner guide 

  • You want to uncover the depth of the womb and the wisdom of the cycles

  • You want to connect to work closer with your wild woman 

  • You want to live from a grounded and full place

  • You want to feel more alive in your day to day life 

  • You want to live a life with aligned purpose 

  • You want to lead from ancient wisdom within you and the Earth 

  • You want to live from an embodied space 

  • You want to create an alive future for yourself and the collective

  • You want to let go of playing small in your life 

  • You want to sink deeper into yourself and your own unique expression

Activate the container

Early Wild

Coming Soon

-Three Months of delicious online content

-Ceremony opening

-Three live zoom deep ritual  & embodiment sessions

-3 amazing guest speakers for each month 

-Voxer support over the entire three months

-Intimate sister facebook group for the Wild Women

The Wild

Coming Soon

-Three Months of delicious online content

-Ceremony opening

-Three live zoom deep ritual  & embodiment sessions

-3 amazing guest speakers for each month 

-Voxer support over the entire three months

-Intimate sister facebook group for the Wild Women

The Wild & Fierce
Coming Soon

-Three Months of delicious online content

-Ceremony opening

-Three live zoom deep ritual  & embodiment sessions

-3 amazing guest speakers for each month 

-Voxer support over the entire three months

-Intimate sister facebook group for the Wild Women


-One on one coaching session 

Payment plans available. This is a magic investment in the space so that everyone will deeply show up for themselves, each other and your WILD WOMAN!

Wild Woman, you are of the Earth. 

Let your wild out and watch it transform your life

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